Dynamic modular shoulder brace

Back to back C6Tex fabric and stretch velour. The structure is composed by a main framework and a modular insert both made of the same material. The structure has been designed to expressly fit the shape of the shoulder. The effect of this brace on the shoulder is basically on 3 areas: humerus by a double velcro closure to be fixed according to the circumference of the limb; chest: by a frontal buckle; scapula: by two individual inserts which provide the correct anteroposterior tenseness for the correct repositioning of the humeral head. The above-mentioned modular element consists of a separate fabric portion with 3 velcro anchoring points placed at an angle of 120° from each other. The placement and adjustment of this insert on the main structure can be adequately customized, in order to ensure the adequate tenseness on the shoulder, according to the pathology.

  • instability of the shoulder and of the glen humeral joint
  • dynamic support for the posture of the joint
  • sub acromial disease
  • articular capsule disease
  • prevention during sport activities overstimulating the joint
  • hemiplegic arm
  • limited control of the shoulder because of neurological pathologies.

for further details please refer to the instructions leaflet

  0  1  2 
underarm circumference in cm

Right and Left  

Anthracite Grey

Hand wash – Washing machine 30°
Do not dry
Do not iron 

Innovation is in our DNA and the yarn is the basis of our success. It is a thin, flexible, versatile and very resistant yarn. It is a yarn that designs the future but gets its strength from its past and from ongoing research. Carbon is the “guiding thread” of this support capable of guaranteeing an excellent structure despite its incredible lightness. Waved inside the fabric, carbon confers monoelasticity, making the fabric elastic in one direction and supporting in the other, thus favoring both an excellent fit and support for the spine.

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