THIGH – TO 3100

Elastic thigh brace with carbon fiber and integrated taping

Combined “C 6 Tex fabric”; Antistatic (the carbon fiber absorbs and disperses the electrical charges); Breathable and Thermoregulator; Bacteriostatic and hypoallergenic ; High performance (during activity reduces the concentration of lactic acid, improving blood flow and cellular oxygenation). Integrated TAPING: control of movement without immobilization; Lateral and medial couple of “V” shaped straps that follow the course of the thigh muscle bundles, converging over the patella.

  • consequences of myositis resulting from functional overloading
  • consequences of muscular strains
  • consequences of muscular strains and in the recovery phase
  • consequences of blood effusion in the muscle belly
  • treatment of muscular contractures
  • prevention of muscular injuries in sport

for further details please refer to the instructions leaflet

circonferenza coscia in cm 





Hand washing – Washing machine 30°
Do not dry 
Do not iron 


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