Modular dorsolumbar corset with integrated CEMP

The C6TEX fabric (Tenortho exclusive for orthopedic purposes) is antistatic, breathable, thermoregulatory, bacteriostatic and hypoallergenic. The combination of dorsal pressure and counter pressure at the level of shoulders and pelvis provides optimal support. Double action: aluminum frame for acute phase or splints for chronic phase (interchangeable). The combination of dorsal pressure straps and pelvis negative pressure straps ensures suitable support. Thanks to the “UP&DOWN” system and the height-adjustable cursor, the user can adjust the dorsal-lumbar and the back pressure straps. PEMF with two intensity levels: L e H. L (50 Hz) is suitable for treating bone tissue disorders; H (75 Hz) is recommended for treating inflammations.

  • osteoporosis
  • traumatic fractures
  • dorsal and dorsolumbar vertebral collapse due to osteoporosis
  • osteomalacia
  • dorsolumbar arthritis
  • iper-kyphosis
  • early osteochondrosis

for further details please refer to the instructions leaflet

1 2 3
70/90 90/110 110/130
pelvic circumference in cm


Front: 17 cm

Rear: 51 cm

Anthracite Grey

Hand wash – Washing machine 30°
Do not dry
Do not iron 

Innovation is in our DNA and the yarn is the basis of our success. It is a thin, flexible, versatile and very resistant yarn. It is a yarn that designs the future but gets its strength from its past and from ongoing research. Carbon is the “guiding thread” of this support capable of guaranteeing an excellent structure despite its incredible lightness. Waved inside the fabric, carbon confers monoelasticity, making the fabric elastic in one direction and supporting in the other, thus favoring both an excellent fit and support for the spine.

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