About us


Tenortho embodies the concept of tradition running towards the future. Orthopaedics is the reason to live for the Tentorio family. This new company founded in 2009 is the result of their passion. Over the years, they transformed it in a story of entrepreneurial success. A young look hides a 50-year-long experience of professionalism, passion and success in the field of orthopedic orthoses and rehabilitation. A mix of innovation and tradition, research, attention to detail and evolved materials: these distinctive features make Tenortho a company like no other. Producer of the real Made in Italy so much appreciated in the World

Their spirit, the Made in Italy and the desire to offer always new, cutting-edge products and solutions are the features characterizing Tenortho. The client is the focus of each choice, thanks to an all-round service and a product designed exclusively to meet his needs and requirements. The main objective is to improve the quality of life of the patient during the rehabilitation process and, above all, to enable him to recover his physical health as quickly as possible. The constant dialogue with Specialists of the sector increases the company know-how thus allowing the process of continuous improvement of the quality standards of their products.




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